Friday, 1 June 2012

D.I.Y Ear Cuff Earring!

Using old jewellery, pliers and glue - this d.i.y will only take you around 20 minutes :)
Here’s my tutorial on how to make your own :)

You need some old jewellery which i think is safe to say almost everyone has, for the chain you don’t need to go out and buy some because it’s everywhere! on the ends of necklaces and bracelets, i used a very thin chain from a childhood necklace because i wanted layers, but if you want a singular chain then you want to go a bit bigger:
Above is the thin chain i used, and a bigger style of chain that was on the end of the necklace which i think would be more suitable if you only want one line of chain .
I cut the chain into various lengths so that they would all hang at different heights, i then used an old mismatching earring and slid the last loop of each section onto the earring, once in place you want to glue it to the earring so it is secure.
Next i needed a singular loop of chain to attach all the other ends of my dangling sections too, i got this from an old necklace i will never in my life wear, it only need to be small but large enough to fit the chain ends and whatever you want to cuff around you ear on to. I used pliers to open it up and then slide all of the chains onto it and used the pliers to close it so they were secure! Glue is not needed!
So if you have a cartilage piercing here is were you are finished! You just slide the chain link onto another earring, glue it in place and you’re good to go :)
Making the ear cuff is very simple, again i resorted back to my old necklace and used my pliers to extract another link of chain. This is the part that will actually cuff around your ear, so it has to be large enough do to so. Your small loop will also slide onto this like so:
and there you have it, your own ear cuff so you spend £0 and a half an hour of your time instead of £8 on a shop bought one :)
The best part is you can customise it however you want, e.g. the stud earring you choose to use, the chain you choose to use, you can hang this from the ear cuff if you want to ot hang this from the chain! It’s completely up to you :)
Hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. This is amazing!
    Hannah xo


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