Sunday, 1 April 2012

Bralet Appreciation Post!

So after discovering i'm not alone in loving the new bralet craze i have created a post dedicated to them! So here's my selection the of tight fitting beauties:

So, here they are! Each bralet is from a different online store so that you can see just how big a variety there are, unfortunately this meant i couldn't review my FAVOURITE tops. Alas, each of the above is beautiful anyhow.

  1. White Studded Bra Top - Miss Selfridge -  £24 - I was originally going to review a similar bralet from Topshop for a massive  £38! So this was a great find and just confirmed my belief of checking everywhere before making a purchase... I really like the simplicity of this bralet, and the studded embellishments top it off nicely. The Topshop version of this also comes in black, however unless you're willing to pay a further  £14 i would suggest sticking with white! Miss Selfridge have a wide range of lovely bralets so it's definitely worth a browse through their collection.
  2. Hawaiian Print Bralet - Topshop - £25 - This was my replacement bralet from Topshop after finding the Miss Selfridge alternative. This is a very bold brightly coloured bralet which i think would work best with denim, or black shorts (for some reason i can't picturing this being complemented by a skirt?) But the Hawaiian print definitely offers a much wanted summer feel!
  3. Laura Striped Bow Back Bralet - Boohoo -  £12 - On the cheaper end of the scale, i was slightly disappointed with boohoo's collection of bralets and this was i think the best of the collection and is by far not one of my favourites out there. Nonetheless boohoo do still have a range of bralets and considering the price compared to some others on the market i won't complain too much! This bralet has a bow fastening on the back (if you didn't gather that from the name!) and has the striped sailor look as mentioned in one of my previous posts.
  4. Bustier - H&M -  £12 - This is the only bralet in the h&m range, so if you don't like it don't bother checking out their website! Again a very reasonable price and i much prefer this design compared to the boohoo one (just a matter of opinion). This is a very girly design with cute strawberries dotted all over, very much a daytime top for the upcoming spring and summer months!
  5. Scarf Print Sweetheart Bralet - Newlook -  £7.99 - The cheapest bralet i've featured! Granted the material does look on the thin side and it doesn't look like it offers much support so i would probable continue to wear a bra underneath. But i love the design and if you're a brave soul who likes to mix n' match prints then i think this would be ideal for you!
  6. Sally Floral Bralet Top - Missguided -  £20.99 - So back up to the slightly more expensive side of things, missguided for me is still messing around (is anyone else having a problem of keeping things in their basket in order to pay, i can't even sign in?!) but back to the bralet... This is one of my favourites, i love the colours and the design and the shape... I just love is particular bralet! There are so many colours which leaves a wide range of matching opportunities and the black base means you could still keep it simple. This bralet compared to the Newlook one, seems to offer LOTS more support so i think i would feel more comfortable whilst wearing it.
  7. Fringed Cropped Bra - Urban Outfitters -  £20 - Okay, so does anyone watch 'Take Me Out' on ITV1? Well if you do a girl called Annie (is it sad that i know the girls names?) was wearing an extremely similar top to this in the week she got picked to go on a date! So perhaps men like the fringed look, that is supposing she only got picked for her choice in bralet but anyway... I don't think the picture above does the top justice, because Annie who wore it on 'Take Me Out' was much more bustier and the bralet looked so much nicer on her, however the Urban Outfitters models are all clearly a size zero and as a consequence - not the bustiest of women. 
  8. White Polka Dot Bow Back Bralet - River Island -  £16 - Lastly a contrasting polka dot number. I'm not sure how i feel about this bralet because i'm so in love with the striped sailor look going on right now i feel polka dots are just completely in the opposite direction of fashion... Much like boohoo i was disappointed with River Island's collection, they don't have much to offer and although they do have a nice black lace bralet here i chose the polka dot one because of it's contrasting-ness(?) 

So, i hope i delivered a wide enough range of circulating bralets! Something i noticed on the missguided website was that the model was wearing a size 10, yet in other items of clothing (just normal tops, jeans, etc...) She wore a size 8? That being the case i don't know whether bralets fit differently to other tops so i would judge the size you buy on your bra size not clothes size. I would also like to point out that most stores (online at least) are having mid-season sales at the moment so hurry hurry and get some bargains while you can!

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