Tuesday, 17 April 2012


I never thought prom was a big deal here in England, but apparently so because despite the fact it is a agonising two months away most people have already ordered their dress! So as of tonight so have I! This dress I was originally planning on wearing to a masquerade ball in March but i wore a different dress, and this seems perfect for prom. I got this dress of eBay for £45 but sadly for me it is now available for as low as £26 :( but hey-ho, it is lovely! Plus the original website i found it (i can't remember the URL sorry) it was definitely over £150 so it's still a bargain.
This is not me! Haha I am very worried of being able to pull this off as well as the model... i may have to drop a pound of two... Anyway! This is my beloved dress, I am yet to try it on because it hasn't been delivered yet and I am weary that the top may be slightly uncomfortable/rub on my skin? But I know a strapless bra is definitely needed and for shoes i was thinking these cuties from schuh.co.uk for £65.

Now i just need to search for a clutch bag...


  1. Those shoes are gorgeous, cute dress too!

  2. That dress is gorgeous. I'd but it if I had somewhere to wear it to x


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